Tears at SFO✈️

Day 3: 

Sunday – Day 3 was a bittersweet day and even San Francisco knew it. The weather had been really nice and pretty all weekend but when we woke up Sunday, it was gloomy and rainy. San Francisco was just as sad to see my mom leave as I was! 

We made the best of the few hours we had left though. My mom wanted to ride/walk across the Golden Gate Bridge but since it was raining, driving would have to do. We made our way to the Marin County side of the bridge for some pictures while the weather wasn’t too bad. 

The wind was something fierce that day! I had to delete most of the pictures we took of us because our hair looked so bad in the wind. 😳😒

Anyways, we drove back over the bridge and stopped at the Visitors Center for some more pictures and some small gifts for my nephews. 

After finishing up, we drove through some parts of Chinatown and downtown but wasn’t able to stop and explore because of my mom’s early flight 😩😩

Last stop of my mom’s Cali trip had to be In-N-Out. I’ve become very used to this place during my time on the West Coast and I’ll definitely miss it when I leave in July. ☹️

I was dreading lunch coming to an end because I knew the next stop had to be the airport. I hate goodbyes, especially when I’m saying them to my mom and I’m not sure when I’ll see her again. It’s not like I can just get in my car and go see her like I’m used to. Cross country flights are long and expensive, you know. 

I’ve loved being able to travel and see, experience new places but leaving my momma will never be a fun part of the process. I’m glad we got a few short days together in San Fran but wished we had a million more in this city! 


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