Welcome to “The Rock”

So, for anyone who knows me, you know how close I am to my mom. We talk and text multiple times EVERYDAY. If something goes wrong or if something good happens, she’s the first one to hear about it. I would absolutely be lost without her.

As you can imagine, being on the other side of the country for the past 6 months has been incredibly hard. Life gets in the way and throw in time change differences and some days, it’s really hard to get a conversation more than “love you and miss you”. (Disclaimer: I more than miss my dad and my sisters and my babies too!)

You can also imagine how excited I was when my momma finally booked her plane tickets and we had a weekend worth of plans here on the West Coast. I was looking to fill the weekend with things neither one of us have done!! I was BEYOND thrilled and literally couldn’t sleep the night before she got here, even though I had a day full of patients ahead of me.

Momma got into San Fran late Thursday night. We didn’t get to do much that night after getting to the hotel and eating a very late dinner. We had early plans the next morning and we had both been up all day so we crashed.

Day 1: 

Friday – we woke up early and got ready for the day. We walked from our hotel in Union Square, Hotel Zelos, down to a local breakfast place on Mission St. before heading to Pier 33. Our main plans for the day was a tour of Alcatraz! We had both been on a boat tour of the bay but neither one of us had actually been on the island.

So we started our trip at Pier 33 and took a ferry ride over to the island. We decided to do a self guided tour so we could see things at our own pace and take as much time as we wanted (you can do tours with people who work there though if you want to).

As I mentioned in the post about Vegas, I’m OBSESSED with all things mob related and you don’t have a mob history without Alcatraz. Some of the most dangerous people of that time spent their sentences here and some of the most well known mobsters made this island their home for several years (or more). I was more than excited to walk around the cellhouse, stand in the jail cells and learn about this tiny islands history. Of course, Capone spent some time there too so that intrigued me even more. I’ve just always been fascinated by that kind of life – something that is so far away from my every day life.

We spent a good several hours there – walking around, looking at the views of the city and just enjoying the time there. If you get the chance, GO. It’s so worth it even if you don’t like history or mob related things. 😂

After coming back to the city, we decided to walk down to Pier 39 and get some lunch since we hadn’t eaten for a few hours. However, before we made it to the restaurant, we had to stop and see the sea lions. I mean, you can’t go to Pier 39 and not see them. They are, by far, one of my favorite animals. They are so funny! I literally cried from laughing so hard while watching them.

There weren’t as many sea lions there as usual but those that were there put on a great show.😂😂

After watching the sea lions for a little while and having a good laugh, we found a Mexican place to have some lunch/dinner. You can NEVER go wrong with margaritas and chips&salsa. NEVER! (I also include cheese dip in there but apparently, the West Coast doesn’t know what cheese dip is😩😒).

We walked around the pier some and did a little bit of shopping. Found a candy store with what seemed like a thousand different varieties of taffy. Seriously, there was so many different flavors. Chicken & waffles flavored taffy anyone?! It exists…really. Haha. My mom got some stuff for the kids and I got my San Fran stuff that I was looking for.

After Pier 39, we headed down to Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square. I’m telling you, some of the best views of the city can be seen from Fisherman’s Wharf. I’ve absolutely loved this city from the first day I saw it. The sunset was amazing that day and of course, we stopped and got some candy and chocolate before heading back to the hotel. 🙌🙌

By this time, it was going on 8 or 9 o’clock and we had literally been walking pretty much all day long! We decided to take a trolley back to the hotel because we just couldn’t walk those hills anymore.

Once back at the hotel, we decided to (surprise, surprise) walk around a little more before calling it a night. The next day was coming bright and early and we were more than excited for the next days plans!!


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