Sunny skies && salty water breezes 

Last week was rough for me. I haven’t pinpointed why exactly but as the days went on, my mood just wasn’t good and my mind was even worse.

It probably had something to do with the fact that it literally poured for 5 days straight with only a slight break overnight. I swear, it was like 6:30 am would come around and the flood gates would open up! And I’ll tell you something, that kind of rain sucks when you have to go to patient’s houses throughout the day!

So, when Saturday rolled around and there wasn’t a rain cloud in sight, I made the best of it! I woke up early (ish), got ready and jumped in my car. My brain was ready for the sandy beaches, salty air and sunny skies of the West Coast.

I decided I was going to make a trip to Santa Cruz. It’s not too far from the East Bay Area and I knew I could go to a couple other places as well.

I’ve been to Santa Cruz once before (about 8ish years ago) but I figured this would be a good place to get some postcards for the kids and an easy half-day/day trip for me. One day, I hope the kids can come and experience the boardwalk with me – I’m sure they would have fun! (Although, right now, they are doing a lot of construction/renovations).

The first thing I did when I got there was walked along the beach – there’s very few things I love more than smelling the salty air and hearing the waves crash at the beach and after the week I had, I was more than happy to get a little moment to myself.

You can tell by the beach that the weather had been a mess the week before!

After a little while, I stopped and got a few postcards to send back home and some good saltwater taffy. 🙂

I didn’t stay too long at the boardwalk and I didn’t ride any rides this time but the trip was well worth it. It felt like I got a good recharge.

Once I left the boardwalk, I decided to continue on the PCH drive. If you remember, when I came back from LA, I did the coastal drive from Malibu to Monterey. So I figured I would do a little more of the drive since I was so close and it would be different scenery from the interstate! You really can’t beat coastal driving on a gorgeous day☀️🙌

Now, I just have to go from San Diego to LA, Monterey to Santa Cruz (although I’m pretty sure that’s how we got to Monterey during my first trip San Fran 8ish years ago), and San Fran to the Oregon border – slowly but surely😂😂

First stop on the drive was the Natural Bridges State Park. I wish I could’ve stayed for sunset, I know I could’ve gotten some amazing pictures!! It was so incredibly windy that day and I couldn’t get as many good pictures as I would’ve liked but the views there were incredible.😍🙌

After a little time, I got back in the car and headed up Highway 1. Half Moon Bay was also on the agenda for the drive. HMB is one of those spots that you pretty much always hear about when talking about the PCH drive. Pictures just don’t do it justice though!

After about half a day or so, I made my way back to the city and crossed over the Bay Bridge back home. I really wanted to spend some time downtown in San Francisco but I figured I’d wait a few more weeks until my momma was in town!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!❤😍🙌

It’s amazing what a few solid hours of coastal views, salty air and good music will do to your heart and mind! I’m ready for a new week – week 4! I can’t believe I’ve already been here a month. There’s something special about this place and I’m loving being able to call it my home for the next few months.

BTW – if you have any recommendations/local places/must do things in the San Fran/East Bay Area, let me know! I’ve got a few things in mind for when my mom comes to town but I want to make sure this trip is incredible! 


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