What Happens in Vegas…

Stays in Vegas – unless you write a blog post or two about it. 

In my last post, I was recapping my trip to Vegas last month (I know…it’s been a month and I still haven’t finished this recapπŸ˜’πŸ˜”). The whole point of my trip was for a Death Valley tour. However, like the majority of my plans, things got mixed up and my reservations were made for the wrong day by the booking company. So, my Saturday in Vegas was now wide open. 

I had a full breakdown in my car in the hotel parking garage while talking on the phone with my mom. But, afterwards, I started figuring out what my next move would be (after getting a full refund because the company had already charged me over $200 for a tour I obviously didn’t go on). 

I played with the idea of going to the Grand Canyon- somewhere that’s been on my travel list for a long time but it was about 4-5 hours away and I had to be in town for other plans later than night. Same situation with Yellowstone, Antelope Canyon, etc…but then my mom reminded me that the Hoover Dam was close by. 

So, Saturday morning, I got in my car and drove about an hour away from the Las Vegas Strip towards Boulder City. The dam was definitely impressive and something to see at least once in your life. The Colorado River and mountains in the background make for a perfect backdrop. 

Some of the plaques around the dam

Colorado River 

Looking straight down😳😳Always getting a selfie – repping my AU tigers Overlooking the dam and the Colorado River from the bridge This view though – slowly becoming obsessed 

After my quick trip to the Hoover Dam (and Arizona), I made my way back to Vegas and my hotel for the night – SLS. SLS was my favorite hotel of the entire trip. It’s more modern and more my style; however, the big draw back is it’s so far from the main part of the strip (but there is a monorail stop AT this hotel which is very convenient). SLS  is on the northern part of the strip, closer to Fremont St and the older part of Vegas. 

On my way back into town, I stopped by a little shop – The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop aka the shop from Pawn Stars. My dad likes this show and I figured why not. When else would I be able to go there?! And yes, it is just like it is on TV. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

After leaving the pawn shop, I went to the hotel for a few hours and to get ready for the night. I had tickets for a Cirque de Soleil show and I was excited. I saw KA at MGM Grand (on what happened to be a big fight night as well). 

There were mixed reviews online about the show but it wasn’t a bad show overall. It was interesting enough and several times the cast members jumped right out in front of our row (we were the first row in our section). Would I see it again…probably not but it wasn’t bad and it was free for me (so I didn’t lose anything either way). I do want to see another show though – I think “O” or Mystere would be really good. 

KA (Cirque du Soleil) at MGM Grand I was there for a big fight night too…who knew?! I don’t remember who the fight was between though…not my cup of tea. 

After the show, I walked down the strip some. I had dinner/drinks at Guy Fieri’s bar and watched the USC game (definitely not the SEC though). I also went to some of the shops/casinos/hotels to see some of the designs and architecture. I had some gelato at The Venetian and watched some of the gondolas go by. You can’t come to Vegas and not see that! 

Last day in town, I did some shopping at the outlets (of course! I love outlet shopping❀️). I decided to go a different way back home and went through the desert….legit desert 🌡🌡. But, my oh my was it gorgeous! So glad I took that drive instead of the same way I came into town. 

Pictures DO NOT do it justice! Miles and miles of desert, mountains and clouds. 

All in all, my first trip to Vegas was a success. I definitely want to go back and I still want to do the Death Valley tour some day soon. 

My goal is to see more Cirque de Soleil shows and stay at many different hotels on the strip to see which one I like best. So far, SLS gets my vote! 
What’s coming up next for my traveling heart:

My next trip is coming up in a little less than a week! I can’t go home for my birthday/Christmas this year so I decided to go somewhere close by. LA seemed like a good choice – I’ve never been and I want to go. It’s all about new experiences and marking things off my travel wish list. 

I’ve got some things planned out/are interested in but I need some more ideas/opinions. If you know of good places in LA or surrounding areas, let me know! 

Hopefully, the next few posts won’t take over a month to get upπŸ˜”πŸ˜’

Until then…I hope everyone has a safe and very Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family and remember what this time is truly about. πŸŽ„β€οΈ




      1. Definitely go if you get the chance! There’s so many good shows to see and so much more to do than just strippers and casinos! πŸ˜‚ Vegas! The Show was excellent…definitely recommend.

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