Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a day to remember all the things, big and small, that we probably take for granted in our every day life. The small things like a shoulder to cry on when nothing seems to be going right or a bowl of chili during the biggest football game of the year and of course the big things like family, friends, good health and a roof over our head.

This Thanksgiving is a harder than I was expecting. It’s the first real, major holiday I haven’t spent with my family – in some way, fashion or form. I knew this would be the worst part of traveling but now that the holiday season is officially here, it’s hitting me harder than I could’ve imagined. So many things over the next month or two – Thanksgiving, Iron Bowl (it’s that big of a deal!), my birthday, Christmas, New Years and possible the birth of my niece…that’s what I’m missing out on but I know it’s for the best right now. I try to remind myself that I’m missing those things now to fulfill my own dreams.

If you’re with your family, let them know how grateful and thankful you are – for the big AND small things! I would give anything right now for a hug from my momma and a bowl of my daddy’s chili!

I hope everyone had a blessed day with their loved ones and remembered all the things that they have to be thankful for.



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