A Year Ago Today….

One year ago today, I was sitting on the couch at my dad’s house thinking about the adventure I was about to start on. In 48 hours, I would be getting on a plane headed for New Jersey and I would be starting a new life there.

Fast forward a year later, I’m sitting on that same couch at my dad’s house thinking about how crazy the past year has been. The new adventure I started was crazy, fun, exciting, sad, frustrating and so many other emotions in between. And it didn’t end the way I expected it too.

As I mentioned in a prior post, things just didn’t work out with my new job position and the journeys that came with it…not for a lack of effort on my part though. However, I’ve been able to (mostly) work through that over the past year and I now feel like I’m in a better place because of it.

I’ve realized who some of my good friend are. I know who I can count on to be there for me when I really need it and who just comes around when it benefits them. I feel like I’ve become stronger. I also feel like I’ve become even more guarded.

I’ve found a deeper faith in God and I know things are working out the way he wants them too.

I’ve laughed a lot this past year and experienced so many new things but I’ve also shed more tears that I like to think about.

For now, things are looking up. I start another chapter in my life next month when school starts and this time next year, I’ll be looking at a new chapter with a new career.

Until then, I’m going to keep going, day by day, the best as I can. Hopefully, some of you, will keep reading as the adventures keep changing.

Here’s to another year on this beautiful, crazy adventure!


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