decisions, decisions…

the past few weeks have been a whirlwind. over the course of the last month, i’ve accepted a new full-time job and i just found out yesterday that i was accepted to the PTA program i applied to. these are two really exciting things; however, i’m afraid i’m going to have to chose either one or the other. 

with the new job, i will have a set schedule. monday through friday, 8-5. i’m really excited about this. for the past 2.5 years, i’ve had a very chaotic work schedule. over the course of a week, i could work 5-6 different shifts and at times, alternating from day to night back to day. while i’ve loved my job, that type of schedule can wear you down quickly. 

another aspect of the new job i’m really excited about is the FULL BENEFITS that come with it. insurance, paid holidays, paid time off, etc…etc. as i mentioned before, i turn 26 this year and will have to find my own insurance coverage. the thought of having to do that (and potentially paying the ridiculous price that comes with it) scares me a lot but with the new position, it would be one thing i could check off my list. 

however, the problem with the new job and my new school schedule is that i would literally have to be in 2 places at once. i now know that i will have to be at school 3 days a week instead of 1 day like i originally thought. do you see where the dilemma comes in? i’m supposed to be at work monday through friday 8-5 and i’m supposed to be in lab tuesday, thursday and friday 8-4. 

i’m hoping and praying that my new employer will be willing to work with me especially since the 3 day a week labs will only last for 8 weeks. after that, i would be able to work 3 days a week. 

i’ve worked really hard to get into this program and after several years of not getting into PT school, it’s a nice change of pace to know that i’ve been accepted to the PTA program. it’s also really nice to know that all that stands between me and a solid career is 1 more year of school and a couple of national board exams. but on the other hand, i know the new job will be a great experience for me and will teach me even more than i’ve learned during my time in the ED. 


i know i’m in a very blessed spot right now. someone out there did not get into this program and someone else may not have been offered this job. i hope and pray things work out so i can experience both great blessings but if i can’t, i know that the situation will work itself out for the best because God already knows what is in store for me. 


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