the loveliest village

Last week, my mom and I made the trip down to Auburn for the Auburn/Ole Miss game. I was thrilled about heading down to Auburn. I know when you think of big games Ole Miss isn’t the first team you think of. You know it’s always going to be a good match-up whenever you play Alabama, Georgia, LSU and the most recent addition of Texas A&M. However, in my opinion, the Ole Miss game is starting to become one of those good conference games you look forward to at the beginning of the year. I knew last week’s game would be the same and it was.

Since graduating from AU in 2011, I hadn’t been back for a football game. I’ve really only been back to Auburn about 2-3 times since graduating, so I was glad that I finally had the time to head down on a SEC Saturday.

You could tell walking into Jordan-Hare that it was going to be a good game. The energy, excitement, anticipation. The feeling that this season was heading in a completely different direction than last season. The spirit, pride and loyalty of being an Auburn fan.

During halftime, I was talking to my mom about how it felt different not being in the student section. All of the times I’ve been in Jordan-Hare, I’ve always been in the student section. It was weird sitting literally on the other side of the stadium, looking at where I was just 2 short years ago. Last week made me really feel like an Auburn Alum and I’m glad my first game back was such a good one.

Now it’s time for another SEC Saturday. During this time of the year, Saturdays are usually reserved for the “4 F’s”: food, family, friends and of course football. Since today is Auburn’s Homecoming, I’m getting to watch some other good games in and out of the conference. Missouri v. Georgia; Oklahoma v. Texas; Florida v. LSU; Alabama v. Kentucky; Texas A&M v. Ole Miss…it’s definitely safe to say my day will be full of football. There’s already been 2 upsets and there’s so much football left to play.

Happy Homecoming and Happy Football Saturday!








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