Life in the South…

If you know me, you’ve probably heard me say that “I was born in the wrong part of the country.” I fully believe that I’m supposed to be living in a big city somewhere. My first true experience in a big city was when I was 15. I went to NYC for the first time and absolutely fell in love. Since then, I’ve marked several other “big cities” off of my list and I’ve loved every single trip to date.

Even though I love the big city life and all it has to offer, I’m starting to realize just how much I love about the South as well. Obviously, one of the main (and most important) reasons I love the South is because this is were I grew up and this is were my family is. I have some amazing memories from when I was growing up and I’m sure things wouldn’t be the same if I had grown up somewhere else.

Besides my family and friends, the absolute best thing about the South is COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Growing up in the state of Alabama, you make a choice at a very young age about who “your team” will be. I made my choice at a very young age; I’ve been an Auburn girl for as long as I can remember. Nothing ever has or will ever be able to sway me from my team.

In my short 24 years, I’ve seen some really bad Auburn teams (no one will be able to forget the 2012 season) and some really good teams (2010 National Champions!). I was actually an Auburn senior that year and the atmosphere in Auburn was unbelievable. I definitely made some unforgettable memories that season and what better way to leave the loveliest village than as the National Champions!

During my 4 years as a student, I was able to see some amazing games. I was in Jordan-Hare when we beat an undefeated LSU team 24-17 as we made our way to Glendale. I was there when we played against Georgia and clinched the SEC West that same season. But for every amazing victory I’ve seen, I’ve also witnessed some terrible losses. I was there at every home game during my sophomore year when we went 5-7. I watched through every miserable play of the season last year when we went 0-8 in the conference.

My belief is that you should be a fan all the time. Not just when your team is winning. As I write this post, I’m anxiously waiting for the AU-LSU game tonight, one of the most intense games we play every year. I’ll be watching until that time clock reads 00:00. Even if LSU beats us (which is what everyone is expecting); I’ll still be in my orange and blue, proudly supporting my Tigers. What else is a proud Alum supposed to do! 🙂


While I love the big cities that our country have to offer, my love for the South will always be a big part of who I am.


WDE! I’m ready to see Auburn play tonight. I’ll be pulling for my team; no matter what the “expected” outcome will be. There have been many surprises in the SEC before, you never know what’ll happen.


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