the past few hectic weeks

the past few weeks have been crazy, hectic and a whole bunch of fun. i’ve been really busy with work but i’ve managed to make a few trips to some of the local cities, which i’m really excited about. i still have a lot on my to do list as to where i want to go and what i want to see. but here’s a recap over the past few weeks.

since my last big post, a lot has happened. i’ve been to NYC, philadelphia and of course, i live in NJ so i’ve explored a little around here. i’m hoping to go to boston next weekend but we’ll see if that will happen. i’m also planning a trip to atlantic city and baltimore.

first of all, i got to see my mom for mother’s day weekend…for the first time in several weeks. which is a very long time for me. we went into the city and had an amazing time. i’ve been to new york before and have seen many of the special things that new york has to offer; however, my mom had never been. its was fun getting to experience the big city with my momma. i have to say, i had a lot of fun with that woman! we went downtown, time square, central park, 5th ave, top of the rock and so much more…we even did a boat cruise around the hudson. one of the biggest things that i wanted to do, go up into the statue of liberty, we unfortunately didn’t get to do. apparently, there was some damage from Sandy. i was not to happy when i heard about that because i wasn’t able to go up in the statue the last time i was there either. last time i went to NYC, it was just a few short months after 9/11 so of course, everything was still on high alert. but the statue opens back up in july, so hopefully i’ll be able to cross that off of my to do list in the near future. 🙂

here’s a few pictures from our trip to the city.

Imageme with the blue M&M at the world of M&Ms 🙂 

Imagethe brooklyn bridge…probably one of my most favorite things about the city. 

Imagethe flatiron building. one of my most favorite buildings in the city.

Imagelady liberty. amazing, each and every time i see it. 

Imageground zero. may we never forget. 

Imageme & my momma on the hudson. 

Imageme & momma in time square.

Imagepanoramic view of NYC at night, from top of the rock. 

Imageempire state building at night. 

Imagerockefeller center at night. 

i can’t believe i’ve only had the chance to go into the city once since i’ve been up here. i’ve been that busy but i had an amazing 2 days in one of the best cities in the country and i got to spend it with my mom.

i’ve also spent quite a bit of time in hoboken, nj. it actually reminds me of home a little bit. you’ve probably heard of hoboken because of cake boss but the little city has a lot to offer including amazing views of NYC. of course, while i was there, i had to go to the bakery.

Imagecarlo’s bakery. 

Imagewashington ave in hoboken 

Imagehere’s the view from hoboken. how could you not love this city and the view. of course, this was on a cloudy day. it really is amazing on a nice, clear day.

i love the city. i’m still amazed that i’m getting this opportunity to travel around, experience different cities. i’m blessed. 

speaking of opportunities, i’ve found out my next location. PHILADELPHIA. i’m really excited about the new city. i’ve never been there before and there’s so much to experience and see. i also get to experience philadelphia during the 4th of july. what better place to be than the place where so much history has happened. i’m ready for the new adventure.

i was actually able to go last weekend but of course, it was raining. like all of my little day trips that i’ve had so far. but from what i’ve seen, i’m going to be very happy.

the past few weeks have been hard. i’ve missed my parents, my sisters and especially the babies. but i’ve been able to learn a lot about myself. a lot of people told me when i first found out about this new journey that they didn’t think that they could do something like this and for a period of time, when i first got up here, i didn’t think i could do it either. a lot of tears have been shed and a lot of wishing that i could just get a hug from my parents and the little ones. but i’ve almost made it through the first 8 weeks. i’m glad that i’ve started this new adventure and journey in my life. i know it’s hard but the hardest things are usually the things that are worth it the most. i’m ready for the next city!

but before that, i’m ready to see my family in just 12 short days!! i unfortunately have to miss my dad’s and sister’s birthday but i get to be home for father’s day and my monkey’s 2nd birthday! that makes me happier than anything. i’m just really ready to have some family time.

the past few weeks have been crazy fun. i’ve meant some really good people. i’ve gotten attached to the hospital and the staff quicker than i thought i would. it’s going to be hard to leave.

just some a few things that i’ve noticed over the past few weeks.

1. my parallel parking is getting MUCH better. you don’t really have to parallel park much in the south. i definitely didn’t have to parallel park on my driving exam. but i can do it now, in one try! (most of the time)

2. there is CHICK-FIL-A in new jersey!! granted, it’s a good 30-45 minutes from me but it’s here and i had it last week. it was amazing! i wish i would’ve known about it when i first got here almost 8 weeks ago.

3. i think i’m going to be ok doing this.

sorry for the long post. i haven’t had time to post on a regular basis, so things have just been adding up. hopefully, it’ll get better soon.

if you have any suggestions on what i should try in the philly area, let me know. i don’t know much about the city but i’m ready to learn about my new city.


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